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Bird on a "Hot Tin" Pillow
brought to you by Ellen Silberlicht!

Watch the fun promo below, then scroll down the page for workshop videos!
Listen to hear how I came up with the idea for this project!

Wet felting for intermediate felters ~ 2 day project
This video will teach you how to join two prefelted pieces together, use a resist to create 3-D elements,
along with nuno felting a piece for the pillow.
Don’t forget your sense of humor too! ENJOY!
In the video I demonstrate making a smaller pillow so I can get the piece in the frame of the video.
You may make a smaller pillow or the size mentioned below. For the variety of size pillows I have made,
I kept the size of the bird the same.

Supplies Needed
  • Pool noodle

  • Bath towelbird for stability.

  • Hand towel

  • Rubber bands or strips of tee shirt material to use as ties

  • Ball brauser or recyclable water bottle with small holes punched in top

  • Bucket for water

  • Dish washing liquid ( I like to use natural products and not super soapy.)

  • Thin foam 14” x 14” one piece (as used with floor laminent, for bird resist pattern)

  • Bubble wrap (sm bubbles) 2 pcs. 36” x 52”, 2 pcs. 18” x 18”

  • 3 mil plastic 24” x 36”

  • Thin plastic 2 pcs. 12” x 12” (a plastic bag will do, this will be used to separate the wing from the body of the bird)

  • Wool roving Merino19 microns.

  • 2 oz of a variety of colors for the body of bird should give you a variety to work with (take a look at some birds on line and notice the spectacular combinations of color!) choose your colors to compliment your silk for the pillow.

  • 4 oz. for pillow to work with the colors of the silk

  • Silk for the pillow 48” x 30” wide. (should be thin for Nuno felting) Can be hand painted or commercially purchased

  • A few bits of prefelts for eyes and any decoration for the bird

  • Nylon thread

  • Stuffing 1# polyfill

  • Sharp scissors

  • Beads for eyes thing I have noticed, after time the bird does go limp from people leaning on it, so I suggest a piece of foam that goes from the pillow into the bird for stability.

The patterns below will open in a new window so you can save a full-sized file which you can print to the size you want. After the window opens, right click on the image and choose "Save Image As" to download. 

bird front
bird rear

Video Tutorials

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